ohne worte / non-verbal

the world through my eyes. focussing the beauty of human beings.
I try not to use words and let pictures speak for themselves.
/most of the pictures are from several artists, I do not owe any of them, except rarely though, I post self-made photography, which is specially marked./

this is just a distraction, a collection of impression.

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Anonym fragte: Ich find dich auf eine fazienierende Art wunderschön..


das ist eine wunderschöne nachricht, danke dir.


Wandering Star


I won’t be using ichinpixel for my own photos anymore. I made minusgold-photography to have them all collected in one place. so if you’re still interested you can follow minusgold-photography to catch up with my latest analogue treasures.

I’ve hated myself for a very long time for looking the way I do and I never really wanted to accept the body I was caught in, but more and more often I catch myself looking in the mirror and seeing a grown up woman with personality and a body, that keeps telling stories. and I guess, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. I have these certain days, where I’m really confident with myself.